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Geoidpol_2008CN and PL-geoid-2011 compliance

Hereby we would like to inform, that official quasigeoid model, PL-geoid-2011, published by Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography (the Polish authority for geodesy and cartography) in 2011, was developed in ALGORES-SOFT, as one of the functional elements of the new version of TRANSPOL 2 xx program. This model, in terms of height anomaly value is identical to Geoidpol_2008CN model (publication of the 14.08.2013). This can be easily examined with Geoidpol_2008CN.exe by doing  calculations for the selected interpolar network  points. Size is the distinguishing factor here. PL-geoid-2011 model is limited to the polish area, plus a small amount of 5 km from the border of the Republic of Poland, Geoidpol_2008CN model does the calculation for the rectangular area  between the meridians: 13-25 degrees, and  parallels: 48-56 degrees.



GEOIDPOL-2008CN - modified to the new PL-ETRF2000 system, polish  quasigeoid model, is based on EGM2008 geopotential model and a set of extended satellite-levelling  points.  In a compressed catalog, an extended description of the pdf modifications with testing program is to be found.

Note: descriptions and older models: 2008, 2008A, 2008C can be found in the Publications section



TRANS_ETRF_PL_2.01- modified transformation program operating in EN-ETRF89 and EN-ETRF2000 reference systems.