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Dealing with precise measurements for the oil industry?

Working on ships or oil rigs?


Basic Functions

GEONET DC screenshots



GEONET Dimensional Control:

  • Accelerates calculation process
  • Possible automatization of calculation process
  • allows you to avoid errors and mistakes-makes it easier to control calculations
  • allows you to estimate the accuracy of the measurements
  • each stage registered in LOG file
  • export to AutoCAD


We are able to customize our software to your needs.

Possible modifications include:


  • System of codes
  • Format of raw observations (various instruments)
  • Graphical presentation (AutoCad drawings)
  • Report content
  • Interface

It is possible to supplement the basic version of the program with additional options in network adjustment or additional utility programs if needed in your business.

Would like to know more? For more information please contact us at: geonet@geonet.net.pl